Narita airport flat rate system

If you want to take a taxi to Narita Airport, it will be cheaper to use the Narita Airport flat rate system. For inquiries, please see our website and let us know.

(international call +817065286798) or (Domestic call 07065286798)

Alphard and Vellfire wagon taxi

The wagon taxi we use can carry up to 6 people if the only luggage is a backpack, and up to 5 people if the luggage is 5 LL luggage.

Taxis at Narita Airport in Japan can only accommodate up to four people. However, our wagon taxis can carry up to six people and travel in one vehicle, making fares cheaper. ASK

wogon taxi go to narita airport

Narita airport Flat rate system,


* Pick up fee 2500 yen * Highways fee is around 2500 yen to 3000 yen

* 5:00~22:00 rate (Rates from 22:00 to 5:00 are 20% more expensive.)

Haneda \25000 Daiba \19000 Ginza \23000 Akasaka \25000 Roppongi \25000 Nihonbasi \23000

Akihabara \23000 Ueno \23000 Asakusa \23000 Sinjyuku \25000 Sibuya \25000 Ebisu \25000

Sinagawa \25000 Other areas … ASK